3 Tips to Successfully Hire a Professional Content Writer

By Windy Lim, The Digital-Co.

Content is king. Content is queen. Engaging and consistent content is essential to build stronger relationships with your target audience. So what are the 3 tips to successfully hire a professional content writer, right for your business?

The benefits to hire professional content writers are many to list. Marketing Managers and businesses outsource content creation to free their time to focus on business activities and monitor the progress of set strategy.

With the editorial calendar crafted for the year, even if you are working full time on content marketing, putting together high quality content takes time. Outsourcing your content creation by finding and hiring a professional content writer is a smart move. You can get new ideas and fresh viewpoints from these talents that you have never thought of before.

What is a content writer’s role?

Content writing is not simple writing. To develop content for articles, blog posts, website, social media, story concepts and on, requires a professional content writer who has a good understanding of how exactly online content works. A Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-savvy content writer is crucial, but that is not all your content strategy is depended on.

You will save a huge amount of time and money for your company and yourself if you hire a right content writer. Go through this checklist as a reference guide, on how to hire a professional content writer for your content strategy goal.

Writing Proficiency

Assessment for all potentially hired content writers

Usual, the first assessment is to base the candidate’s literacy on the resume. Review as well the writer’s portfolios and some past work samples.

  • During the interview, understand how the candidate conduct research for a topic and the thought process involve. This is important as the writer who focuses to connect with the target audience and emphasizes a quality piece of writing that is better than competitor’s publication will angle the content that is audience-friendly and engaging.
  • Conduct a written interview. Create an assessment scorecard of the skill level, style of writing, tonality and ease of readability for assessment. If the writing has frequent misspell words, punctuation mistakes and grammatical errors, move on to the next candidate. You will not want to destroy the reputation of your products and services.

SEO Copywriting Experience

Pre-requisite for Lead Generation and Conversion as Content Strategy goals

In your editorial calendar plan for the year, for content writing on product launch, campaign and promotion program that have lead generation and conversion as content strategy goal, it will be ideal to select candidates with SEO Copywriting experience as pre-requisite.

  • Content marketing aims to educate and inform consumers, and hence the content writing is angled to be friendly and informative. On the other hand, Copywriters are raised and groomed in the marketing world. Copywriting has a primary goal  – usually to sell something.

Hence a copywriter is able to intuitively grasp what the business wants to accomplish, as he or she is trained to understand the psychology of why a target audience will purchase or take an action through research of the thought process and buying funnel. The content writing style of a copywriter is normally on a persuasive note that comes with a call to action, and their KPIs are often the quantity of generated leads and conversion.

  • Content writers specialized in SEO writing might be able to bring you the traffic, but they must also understand that people come first, before search algorithms.

A content writer with SEO Copywriting experience will angle their writing to appeal to the target audience with specific keywords and solve a particular problem with a call to action, to achieve lead generation and conversion as content strategy goals.

Subject Matter Expert

Content Topics that are highly technical or emotional

  • If your business deals with heavy duty Industrial machinery engine parts for mining, you need to understand the industry and application for mining in order to write articles to know target audience pain points and their FAQs. Knowing the topic inside out and able to articulate in content writing will raise the authority, and add authenticity and depth to the content.
  • Being in regional industrial marketing for coming 2 decades, I understand it is not easy to have a good SEO content writer who is also the subject matter expert as well. In this context, the hired content writer will either research and write a content draft to let the subject matter expert review on the content accuracy or the subject matter expert writes the content draft first. The content writer will take charge to edit and produce the final draft.

Depending on the target audience being general public as a content marketing and informative writing article, channel distributors or end-users for conversion with a call to action or having the long-form content as E-book as gated content. The content writer will utilise his or her skillset in this arena to address the respective target audience.

  • A technical writer and tech writer is different too. A tech writer focuses on technology in a broader sense and usually the application of technology. A technical writer on the other hand, analyses deep into the technical product specifications and supposedly to create highly technical content much easier for everyone to understand.

Communicate and align expectations

Information on target audience, Deadline and Content Writing Performance evaluation

  • Content writers will know the need to understand the connection of the product and service with the target audience. The marketing manager or business owner should let the candidates intended to hire, to know as much about this connection and relationship with materials and available knowledge.
  • Have a realistic discussion of the deadline and schedule. For planned content writing following the editorial calendar, the hiring of content writers should start early. For ad-hoc jobs, expectation on the deliverable quality should be aligned.
  • After the content writing article, blog or landing page is published, send the results data to the content writer and an evaluation session together will help in improvements. This is a crucial step if you foresee working together in future for more projects to come.

The Digital-Co. team of writers have a combined extensive regional experience in various industrial and consumer markets. We are also SEO Writing qualified and ensure we deliver quality content writing articles, be it copywriting, landing page, blog, social media writing, any long-form content like E-books and case studies and on.

Delegate your content writing to us.

FAQs – 3 Tips to Successfully Hire a Professional Content Writer

How much should you pay someone for content writing?

The cost of a content writing article varies. It depends on the time needed to do research and the content strategy goal. After the article is published, a quality content can be repurpose in many ways and fronts for content marketing.

How do I promote my business blog?

You can promote your business blog by sharing on your social media channels. You can also go to Quora to create a free account and comment on those topics that are relevant to your blog, and post the relevant links.

How to outsource content writing?

First and foremost, you should have an editorial calendar and a content strategy. Look at your content and decide which ones would you like to do in-house and which ones you would like to outsource. Then do a search for experienced writers and ask them for samples of their work.

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