Advantages of Outsourcing your business blog

By Lynnice Ng, The Digital-Co.

Outsourcing your business blog can bring you many benefits. What is a blog article?

To answer this simply, a blog article is a written piece under the category ‘blog’, which provide information to readers on designated topics.

Some people may perceive a blog as an informal diary-style entry which detailed what happen in someone’s life. Some of the popular blogs include blog articles about food and blog articles about lifestyle. However, blog articles have evolved in many more ways that we could ever imagine.

Having a blog on your business website is now a necessity more than a luxury. Blog articles can educate, inform and entertain. Whether you are in fintech, healthcare, retail or services industry, creating blog articles will allow you to touch on a wide variety of topics directly or indirectly relating to what you can offer to your target customers.

Businesses that blog get more search traffic from Google and more visitors surfing in from other sites, which benefits sales, ad revenue, and brand loyalty. It’s not just the obsessive bloggers who reap the rewards, either. One Hubspot study found that just one to two blogs per month can boost B2B leads by 70%.

With high internet penetration and pervasive usage of smart phones, customers will manage more than 80% of their relationships online without talking to an actual person. Having a blog that’s accessible, trustworthy and highly ranked is crucial to gaining an edge across your business.

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Outsourcing saves you time

Frees up your time to focus on your core expertise

Need we say more about saving you time. We all know how tedious and time-consuming it can be to churn out more than 1000-word articles regularly, together with suitable visuals. Outsourcing your blog frees up your time to focus on other just as important parts of your business and where it might be your core expertise which you cannot outsource.

With the right copywriters, blog outsourcing will take your content marketing strategy to the next level.

Cost effective to outsource

You can still have control over your content

Some businesses are worried that their website content may get out of hand if they were to outsource their blog articles. When you first started out, you may try to outsource one article at a time. After you are comfortable with the copywriter, you can then outsource monthly.

If you have specific requirements, like certain topics and subjects which you would like to cover, you can state them upfront and have the copywriter weave into the editorial calendar or content calendar.

Leave your writing to the professionals

Fill in your content gap

How do I write a business blog? Writing a business blog is like writing a story. Before you start blogging, you should have done your competitors analysis using tools like Ahrefs, and found your content gap. You want to write stories to fill in that gap and drive traffic to your website which in turn will generate business leads. Now you have the content gap, you are ready to write your blog.

While you may be good at what you do, writing articles may not be your forte. That’s perfectly fine because everyone is great at something for a good reason. You can be assured of high-quality articles when you are outsourcing your business blog to a wordsmith who knows his or her work. If your expertise is in sales or technology, focus on what you do best and delegate the rest to other professionals.

After a blog article is done, you may want to consider rewriting it for your Chinese audience. In this case, outsourcing your blog to bilingual copywriters who are able to write in both English and Chinese would be ideal.


Increase or decrease the number of articles

In every industry and trade, you will experience off-peak and peak periods. During your peak periods, you want to dial up on your marketing efforts to capture the growing sales. This is the time when you want all hands on deck to service as many customers as possible.

With your resources stretched, your next best bet is to outsource some of your essential tasks including blog articles. Blog articles should be posted more frequently during peak period to engage your target audience who are looking forward to reading your content.

On the other hand, during your off-peak period, blogging is still necessary but can be lesser in frequency. Outsourcing provides you with the flexibility of increasing or decreasing the number of your articles according to your business needs.


Mixture of in-house and external writers

Choosing to outsource does not mean you can’t have any in-house writers at all. In fact, it can be a mixture. There may be times where you would need a writer in another country to help you do an interview and an outdoor photo shoot to produce the blog article for you.

Take for example, Gates Corporation, headquartered in the United States, a leading manufacturer of application-specific fluid power and power transmission solutions. The company worked with The Digital-Co. in Singapore to produce a blog article on belt driven bicycles. This adds variety to their archive of interesting blog articles.

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How to outsource a blog?

First and foremost, you should have an editorial calendar and a content strategy. Look at your content and decide which ones would you like to do in-house and which ones you would like to outsource. Then do a search for experienced writers and ask them for samples of their work.

How much should you pay someone to write a blog post?

The cost of a blog post varies. In Singapore, it can be from a few hundreds to a few thousands, depending on the time needed to do research and craft the post.

How do I write a small business blog?

You can start by introducing yourself and your team and talk about how and why the business was founded. People love to hear stories!

How do I promote my business blog?

You can promote your business blog by sharing on your social media channels. You can also go to Quora to create a free account and comment on those topics that are relevant to your blog, and post the relevant links.

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