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We assist companies in content writing services, in English and Chinese, across all their digital marketing and communications platforms. Our team consists of highly qualified practitioners with a combined working experience of more than 40 years in the marketing and public relations industry.

Fixed Price Projects

Tell us with your budget and we’ll give you more bang for your buck

Receive on time

Leave the planning to us and get your content on time

Fast work turnaround

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Marketing & PR

We can assist you in your marketing and PR strategy, be in the traditional media or social media.

Bilingual Content Writing

Be it English or Chinese, we can provide the content you need in both languages.

We are driven by values

We understand the need for you to stay active on your social media platforms and are committed to assist you in managing them.

Featured Work

“The Digital-Co. team is remarkable in their language abilities. I’m surprised at how fast they can turnover even for techical stuff. Highly recommended!”


“Very approachable and always contactable even at late hours. You know you can count on them on your social media posts and responses.”


“Highly impressed with their standard of Chinese. They are my go-to agency for all my Chinese collaterals and communication materials for my Chinese audience.”

Sean Fisher

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